John Paul Young

For over ten years now Songcatcher along with Electric Tree (Recording Studios) have been my first choice when it comes to recording music with co-musicians and producers, as well as a variety of voice production work for radio, stage, television and other promotions. Over the years Songcatcher have provided me with the all round highest standard of delivery for all these things.

The team are extremely reliable, professional and talented, and have always been a pleasure to work with.

I wish them every success in the future and look forward to being a part of their ever growing client base.


Les Murray AM |  SBS 

Tania and Danny, from Songcatcher, are two of the most gifted young songwriters around. Recently a large international organisation I am involved with, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), had the idea of commissioning an original song for the opening ceremony of one of its conferences. The theme of the conference was football (soccer) and the commission called for a song that captured the spiritual essence of the world’s favourite game. Tania and Danny were asked to pen the song and came up with a priceless piece of work. They triumphantly performed it at the ABU conference in Mauritius in early 2010. Later more than a dozen TV broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific used the song, The Beautiful Game, as the signature tune for their coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa, to the enjoyment of tens of millions of viewers. 


Eva Stovern | Caravan Chef

From the beginning the concept of ‘Caravan Chef’ had a purpose.  It was to eat well whilst travelling and to encourage travel within Australia.  The recipes were named after places of interest not only to inform but to have a bit of fun.

I wanted to capture the spirit, the message and the ‘True Blue’ nature of ‘Caravan Chef’ in a concise jingle.  I thought, not an easy task.

I was surprised and delighted.  The jingle captured exactly what I had hoped for, and more.  Songcatcher conveyed the entire message in a quirky, addictive tune that I was humming after the very first play.

The catchy tune has certainly helped me stand out and make a mark in the travel industry.

Congratulations and many thanks to the team at Songcatcher.


Natalie Murray | Sky News & English Editor

Songcatcher has regularly provided me with both background and feature music for my online video productions. This has been invaluable to communicating my messages effectively, and the team at Songcatcher have always followed my instructions and suggestions and come up with a track that is exactly what I was after. This has also encompassed a wide range of musical styles and I'm thrilled that I haven't had to look elsewhere to cover such a variety of music. On top of that, they have always been 100 per cent reliable and available to speak with at any time. I'd thoroughly recommend Songcatcher to any individual or organisation!


FIFA Riccobono |  Viola Jade Music

I had the pleasure of working with Tania Murray and Danny Marx Young on The Beautiful Game. A wonderfully inspirational and uplifting song; a publisher's dream!


Matty Nordsvan | NEWFM 105.3/2HD

I would like to write this letter of recommendation for Danny and Tania from Song Catcher, I have been working with these guys for over six months and as a senior advertising consultant for the Super Radio Network we have forged a very powerful relationship.

The thing that impresses me the most about Song Catcher is the ability to make music for backing tracks, top and tails for radio commercials as well as full production of ads and full jingles that depict the brands we represent, understanding what each brands point of excellence is and transferring that into music, creative tag lines and even there own spin on creative copywriting.

They understand the importance of associated memory and a re call cue that is attached to an emotion, which is what people buy on emotion!!

If you would like more information on the work they have done for me to date please have no hesitation in contacting me on the below number (02 4968 9824).

Jason Rudd | The Meat Shed

For all my radio ads I use Songcatcher to promote my fast paced and expanding business 'The Meat Shed'. I regularly offer my customers new meat specials and with this comes the need to update our radio ads; I can always rely on Songcatcher for well produced ads at the drop of a hat. They also created a great radio tag for my business which has stuck and I believe it's done very well for the Meat Sheds promotion.