About Our Studio

Songcatcher operate out of Electric Tree Recording Studios based at Lake Macquarie, Australia.

Electric Tree has been built from the ground up as a creative hub for recording artists, engineers, as well as full scale sound production teams. The studio founders are life long lovers of both modern and timeless recording gear, excellent sound quality, and functionality.  Here you will find and achieve the highest quality audio to suit all creative desires.

The studio is made up of a large recording room/drum room, a small recording room, a vocal booth and a large mixing room with a comfortable lounge area for artists and production members to absorb and discuss works. There is also a green room and retreat style accommodation. Access to the studio is direct offering an easy load in and there is unlimited parking.

As a partner company of Songcatcher, Electric Tree Recording Studios can be contacted on this site via our ‘contact us’ page.
Please click on 'Gear List' below to view the recording gear and instruments on offer at Electric Tree.